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I am having a small problem in my code. I am trying to reverse the words and the character of a string. For example "the dog ran" would become "ehT god nar"

The code almost works. It just does not add spaces. How would you do that?

def reverseEachWord(str):
  for word in list:
  return reverseWord 
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You are on the right track. The main issue is that "" is an empty string, not a space (and even if you fix this, you probably don't want a space after the final word).

Here is how you can do this more concisely:

>>> s='The dog ran'
>>> ' '.join(w[::-1] for w in s.split())
'ehT god nar'
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def reversed_words(sequence):
    return ' '.join(word[::-1] for word in sequence.split())

>>> s = "The dog ran"
>>> reversed_words(s)
... 'ehT god nar'
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Ha. virtually identical to @aix. Beaten to it. – Rob Cowie Dec 10 '11 at 17:33

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