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I have a drop down navigation that works perfectly when positioned via a left CSS property.

You can see that the dropdown adjusts to the width of the content, however I would like to position right. When I do the width of the drop down will not adjust to the content. You can see this behavior at the fiddle below.

Any help is appreciated, also any knowledge into what is causing this behavior is also appreciated.

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Ok so basically, from what I can see, the issue was being caused by using the element (in this case ul) directly as the selector.

I believe this was interfering with the below ul elements within your CSS. Simply changing the first CSS rule from ul to your ID (Navigation_Main) fixes the issue.

Fixed example >


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This worked perfect, interesting behavior. Thanks a lot! – Dustin Laine Dec 10 '11 at 18:43

The right: 100px in ul seems to be setting a width of 100px.

If that does not need to be positioned absolute, then use float: right; and use margin-right: 100px; instead.


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Have you tried using div's instead of the unorder list (ul) element. As you are using CSS to striping off all the default styling that makes a "ul" a list element why not use a div to start with. I can't guarantee it will solve the problem but it eliminates unnecessary CSS and you might beable to spot the issue more easily

And in reality shouldn't a ul only be used for bullet point items, in a text document?

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