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I am creating a web application based on data using javascript. This data is stored as a js object and is constantly being updated using AJAX. The object has some methods to reorganize the data, such as sorting and filtering, as well as a method called render() which uses js templating to update the html to represent the data.

What I want is that every time the data object changes it automatically calls the render method to update the view. I know this can be done by just calling render() inside all my methods that modify the data, but I am looking for a cleaner way to do it.

I have read something about the observer pattern however I am not familiar with it and I don't know if I can use that to achieve this. Also I know about the Object.watch() method but that is not supported by all browsers so I can't use it.

Do you have any suggestions or examples about how can I do this?


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Often, the flow is something like this:

  1. Call Ajax;
  2. On success return from the Ajax call, change the data;
  3. Then call render( ) once to render everything;
  4. Goto 1 after some interval or on some condition.

That gives you one render ( ) call for each Ajax update, which is likely what you want.


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Thanks this works fine when updating the data, but not when sorting or filtering which do not require any AJAX calls. I am looking for a solution that would work for those cases too. Any ideas? –  VerizonW Dec 11 '11 at 20:01

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