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I want to draw with my Tablet PC (HP Elitebook) in a web page, and I want to create a "Paint" that I can use in a web browser, using HTML5-Canvas if possible.

I'm new to Tablet PC programming ... and I only found ways to manage stylus pressure with a Microsoft library or QT ... but it is not for webpages. I also found that there is something for Wacom tablets ( ) but it doesn't seems to work with my Tablet PC.

So how can I manage Tablet inputs in a website (and especialy get pressure) ? And also, what are the most commun and well documented library (in C/C++/Java) for managing a Tablet PC ?

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Wow, you read my mind on asking that question. I don't know if it's possible for a web page to get at that data, I really hope it is, but I'd like to kinda extend your question if you will: could chrome extensions access the pressure data (like, with an NPAPI plugin)? – Vic Goldfeld Dec 11 '11 at 17:16

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I believe the stylus, which contains the pressure sensor, is made by Watcom in that unit. They would need to write a custom plugin to offer browser support for their device. Send them a mail!

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If you use the firefox 4 or later, you can get pressure value from DOM MouseEvent's "mozPressure" property.

Please see also:

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