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When running on a touchscreen device (iPhone, in my case, but I presume it does this on others), when the virtual keyboard pops up for a form field, there are added navigation buttons at the top of the keyboard: "previous", "next", "done". (And sometimes "autofill").

This is apparently the Mobile Safari "form assistant".

I find this redundant, superfluous, and confusing. iPhone users aren't used to this in native apps, and it's unnecessary. It's a touch device. You touch what you want to change. There's no need for navigation buttons!

I suppose users may be familiar with this, IF they use their device often to fill forms on websites. I've had an iPhone since the 3G, and never noticed this. I don't think I've ever filled a form on Mobile Safari! (I would use my desktop...)

The form assistant is there for navigating forms on websites, which might not be designed appropriately for a mobile device. So, in that context it serves a useful purpose.

But when using JQuery Mobile, you ARE designing an interface for use on a touchscreen mobile device. There shouldn't be a need for the form assistant. I find it particularly annoying in a local app (PhoneGap, Rhodes, etc.).

I've done some searches, and haven't come up with a solution.

Does anybody know how to turn this off?

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Given that a couple moments on Google turned up two unanswered duplicate questions here on Stackoverflow ("Disabling Previous and Next buttons in Mobile Safari" and "Is it possible to remove the form assistant in the mobile safari virtual keyboard?") I'd suggest that it's not possible, but I've not seen a concrete answer to that effect as yet. –  David Thomas Dec 10 '11 at 19:52

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There is no solution for mobile Safari, but for PhoneGap there certainly is.

As of 2.6.0 there is an option in the config.xml

<preference name="HideKeyboardFormAccessoryBar" value="true" />

For versions before 2.6.0, or more sophisticated use, there is the KeyboardToolbarRemover, which even allows to dynamically show and hide the keyboardAcessoryView.

In your Javascript, include the module

var toolbar = cordova.require('cordova/plugin/keyboard_toolbar_remover');

To disable the toolbar


To re-enable the toolbar

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sorry, its not possible to remove the Form Assistant inside mobile safari.

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