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Hey guys I'm new in Zend Framework. I'm trying to create a connection and get the rows of a table, I make this in bootstrap.php

$m_routes = new Apartat() ;

It returns me this error: Fatal error: Class 'Apartat' not found in I'm trying to follow ZF quickstart but I'm lost

  1. I make models/Apartat.php

    class Application_Model_Apartat
    protected $_comment;
    protected $_created;
    protected $_email;
    protected $_id;
  2. I make models/ApartatMapper.php

    class Application_Model_ApartatMapper
  3. I make models/DbTabe/Apartat.php

    class Application_Model_DbTable_Guestbook extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
        protected $_name = 'guestbook';

Previously I defined the connection parameters in application.ini

What else do I need? or what do I do wrong?

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Your class name is Application_Model_Apartat so you have to write

$m_routes = new Application_Model_Apartat() ;
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Yes, this is a very stupid problem. :_) newbie Thanks – David Dec 11 '11 at 1:26

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