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This is what i have:


<fx:Style source="Main.css"/>
    <s:TextInput x="72" y="95" focusColor="#CECB02" prompt="E-mail: "


 <s:RichText id="promptDisplay" includeIn="disabledWithPrompt,normalWithPrompt" x="10" y="7"
        color="#666666" fontFamily="Acens" fontSize="15" trackingRight="1"
    <s:RichEditableText id="textDisplay" d:userLabel="Text Display" x="10" y="7" width="230"
        fontFamily="Acens" fontSize="15" heightInLines="1"
        width.normal="282" color.normal="#999999"
        tabStops.normal="S0 S50 S100 S150 S200" trackingRight.normal="1"/>


    fontFamily: Acens;
    src: url("C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\Acens.ttf");
    embedAsCFF: true;

So, the "promptDisplay" in a computer(online) that does not have "Acens.ttf" installed shows the predefined one, but the inputed text is showed correctly with the embeded font!! Any explanation/solution for that!?

Thanks ;-)

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Specify fontStyle="normal" or "italic" to prompt RichText. And be sure that in css you declare it the same.

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