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I'm new to bitswapping and parsing sprites without the use of any graphics libraries, and would like to learn how to parse a sprite without using anything external. Are there any good resources out there? I know at least the basics of hexadecimal and binary, and have been looking at this and this for the project I'm working on (which is just an RO Sprite Viewer). The problem is that I'm unaware of how exactly to implement this. Normally I would just use something like SDL to wrap this in a GUI, but, right now, what I really would like is to learn how to read the binary files and get them up on the screen using as little as possible in C++.

Is this very hard to do? Are there any resources at least which would for this? A google search didn't quite give me much, unfortunately.

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What do you mean by "parsing a sprite"? It's just an image and you could store it in whatever format works best for you, I'd think. SDLimage? –  StilesCrisis Dec 11 '11 at 0:21
Like StilesCrisis said, what type of sprite are you trying to parse? If just an image file, the simplest format is probably bitmap. Outside of that, you'll probably have to use libraries to load the image. And what do you mean by "bitswapping"? –  Robert Kelly Dec 11 '11 at 10:57
I may mean bitshifting instead, I can't remember what the correct term is for using << and >> for bits. Anyway, I'm using a .spr and .act file. The .act file is used for animation, where as the .spr file is just the image. The thing is that I'd like to do this without using a library. Is that possible? –  blissfreak Dec 11 '11 at 19:30

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