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Currently I insert a block containing a newline character to do this:

  QTextDocument* myDocument = new QTextDocument(textEdit);
  QTextCursor* myCursor = new QTextCursor(myDocument);

  // Insert an image
  QTextImageFormat imageFormat;
  myCursor->insertImage(imageFormat, QTextFrameFormat::InFlow);

  // Insert normal text

This seems pretty hacky. Is there a better way to make the next block of text start below the image, rather than to the right of it?

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I think this is the best option You have..

Though, Your code always get a brand new QTextDocument.

Based on what Your ultimate goal is, maybe You would like to use

QTextDocument* myDocument = textEdit->document();

instead of

QTextDocument* myDocument = new QTextDocument(textEdit);
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Ok, thanks. I was very new to QTextDocument so I guess since no one else had a better solution and you confirmed that mine is sane, I'll just go with that! –  David Doria Jan 25 '12 at 23:09

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