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New to git, not new to svn.

Attempting to clone an svn repository to push to appharbor as part of a build process, per something like this thread.

However, msysgit always works from whatever directory the app starts in it seems.

I understand

git svn clone --stdlayout <my URL>

but is there an optional parameter to tell msysgit where to put this clone in my directory structure?

Similarly, is there a way to work the location into the "rebase" command?

Can't seem to find a reference for msysgit git svn clone syntax and hoping this is just a philosophical misunderstanding on my part about how git/msysgit works.

Thanks for any help!

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Perhaps I asked this too soon.

After some playing around, the syntax I found that works for me is:

git svn clone --stdlayout <Repo URL> "<Path where I'd like it to go>"

Whoops. Hope this saves someone else a few minutes at some point, at least.

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That's another way to do it. –  Greg Jandl Dec 10 '11 at 21:02

Simply navigate to the parent directory of the new repo (i.e. the directory in which you want the clone to reside).

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