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I'm trying to install Ant on Windows 7 using these instructions, but at stage 5, when I run the command ant -f fetch.xml -Ddest=system, I get the following error:

Buildfile: C:\Program Files\WinAnt\fetch.xml
[echo] Downloading to C:\Program Files\WinAnt\lib
[echo] Downloading to C:\Program Files\WinAnt\lib
[get] Getting: /maven-artifact-ant-2.0.4-dep.jar
[get] To: C:\Program Files\WinAnt\lib\maven-artifact-ant-2.0.4-dep.jar
[get] Error opening connection
[get] Error opening connection
[get] Error opening connection
[get] Can't get to C:\Program Files\WinAnt\lib\maven-artifact-ant-2.0.4-dep.jar
C:\Program Files\WinAnt\get-m2.xml:85: Can't get to C:\Program Files\WinAnt\lib\maven-artifact-ant-2.0.4-dep.jar
Total time: 1 second

I understand that the URL is not reachable, so I tried to enter this URL into my browser, and indeed it does not exist. I found the file maven-artifact-ant-2.0.4-dep.jar at:

instead. So how can I fix this problem?

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I've installed ANT so many times, I haven't read the install doco in quite a while. Didn't know this "fetch.xml" file existed. +1 for something I learnt today –  Mark O'Connor Dec 11 '11 at 1:50

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Just need to update the m2.url property in the lib/ file to

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It runs but during the installation there are more errors... More unknown URLs. The whole thing is broken. Thanks for the help though. –  Leif Ericson Dec 16 '11 at 0:16
Override the "m2.url" property as in the answer below and it will work. If you're located behind a corporate firewall, then you'll need to set additional http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort properties. –  Mark O'Connor Dec 21 '11 at 20:27

The URL is correct, but you're trying to download the files into a subfolder of Program Files (C:\Program Files\WinAnt\lib). To do so you need to be running your commands with Administrator rights.

So right click on your Command Prompt shortcut and select "run as administrator" or enter "cmd" into the search field of the start menu and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.

Then try to run the ant command again:

ant -f fetch.xml -Ddest=system

And if you have trouble downloading any other files using the script, it seems to work well to just download them using your browser, put them in the right place, and then edit fetch.xml to not download the file.

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Run ANT as follows

$ ant -f $ANT_HOME/fetch.xml -Ddest=user -Dm2.url= 

The m2.url property needs to be overloaded. The following property file in ANT needs to be updated:


Using a now deprecated Maven Central URL

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