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what would be the name of class representing an array object? eg:

int a[] = new int[5]

here a is the reference variable. what is the name of class whoes object's reference id hold in a System.out.println(a.getClass().getName()) prints [I

is there any rule for naming?

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Class name for Array in java

For Java arrays,the class name is '[' followed by an encoded name of the element class. The number of '[' character represent the number of dimension of the array

Element Type   Encoding

byte              B

boolean           Z

char              C

double            D

float             F

int               I

long              J

short             S

class or interface   Lclassname; 

for example : for float type array class name is [F

for int [I

for double a[][]=new double[2][3]

class name is [[D

source: http://ohmjavaclasses.blogspot.com/2011/12/class-name-for-array-in-java.html

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In general, your class should have a name taken from the problem domain model's vocabulary.

Example: If you need to keep an array of books Book[] books then a good bet would be to create a Library class holding a reference to those books.

To comeback to your question, it depends on what a will contain.

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