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I installed Xsd2Code version 3.4 mentioned in the StackOverflow posting and I don't see the "run Xsd2Code Generation" menu option when I right click on an xsd file in my solution. I also checked to see if this worked in my VS2008 installation, no luck. I then installed version 3.4 and tried the beta version. What gives? Am I doing something wrong?

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it works on my other PC. Must be some kind of conflict. I tried to turn off all of my extensions and add ins, but no luck. –  ChadD Dec 12 '11 at 18:36

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I had the same promlem. After some experimens I have found an one way to resolve it. Click on Tools->Customize->Commands. Now choose menu type and click on Add Command. Find the Addins->"run Xsd2Code Generation" item. It's all.

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