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I'm working on an application that only requires a username for registration and not a password. Down the road when the user creates a "full" account then we'll have them enter a password. Is this capability available in the .NET Membership model or would I need to roll my own solution? Obviously I would want to make the username unique.


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I have done something similar when creating an MVC 3 site which allows users to login with their Facebook credentials. If a new user comes along and choose to Login with Facebook I merely create a new acocunt for them, but don't get them to enter a password.

Ordinarily, if you use the standard .NET membership stuff, you do this (amongst other things) in the Register action:

MembershipCreateStatus createStatus = _membershipService.CreateUser(model.UserName, model.Password, model.Email);

What I have elected to do is to generate some kind of random password (e.g. just generate a new Guid and ToString() it), like this:

model.Password = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();

Now we have the situation where the person has a password but nobody in the world knows what it is. That doesn't matter for my case as they are logging in using Facebook. However, if they want to ditch their Facebook connection, they can simply click on the Forgotten Password link and I'll generate a link which is emailed to them from which they can choose a new password, so all is well.

If you want to know how to create a new password without knowing the old one, this is how you can do it in the standard .NET membership provider:

   public bool ResetPassword(string userName, string newPassword)
            MembershipUser user = _provider.GetUser(userName, true);
           // Create a new password and store it for a moment
           string resetPassword = user.ResetPassword();
           // Now set the new password, for which we need that new one we just generated...
           return user.ChangePassword(resetPassword, newPassword);           
            return false;
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