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I want to search for all of the acronyms placed within a document so I can correct their formatting. I think I can assume that all acronyms are words containing at least 2 capital letters in them (e.g.: "EU"), as I've never seen a one-word acronym or acronym only containing 1 capital letter, but sometimes they have a small "o" for "of" in them or another small letter. How can I print out a list showing all of the possible matches once?

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Will this work for you:

sed 's/[[:space:]]\+/\n/g' $your_file  | sort -u | egrep '[[:upper:]].*[[:upper:]]'


  • Replace all runs of whitespace in $your_file with newlines. This will put each word on its own line.
  • Sort the file and remove duplicates.
  • Find all lines that contain two uppercase letters separated by zero or more characters.
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This might work for you:

tr -s '[:space:]' '\n' <input.txt | sed '/\<[[:upper:]]\{2,\}\>/!d' | sort -u
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The -o option of grep can help you:

grep -o '\b[[:alpha:]]*[[:upper:]][[:alpha:]]*[[:upper:]][[:alpha:]]*'
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Almost only Bash:

for word in  $(cat file.txt) ; do
  if [[ $word =~ [[:upper:]].*[[:upper:]] ]] ; then # at least 2 capital letters
    echo "${word//[^[:alpha:]]/}"                   # remove non-alphabetic characters
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One way using perl.


Content of infile:

One T
Two T
Five SIX

Running the perl command:

perl -ne 'printf qq[%s\n], $1 while /\b([[:upper:]]{2,})\b/g' infile


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Will this print a line that contains ToE (as in "Theory of Everything")? –  Adam Liss Dec 11 '11 at 2:36
Not mine, but there are other answers which will do. –  Birei Dec 11 '11 at 12:08

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