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I have Informix version 11.50 installed on my Windows machine. According to this link, in order to start the server, it should be done through Windows services, look for Informix IDS - instance_name. It is supposed to start when Windows is started up, but for my case it is not, and it wasn't started. Thus I start it up manually by double clicking on it, and it prompt me an error:

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

May I know is there any solution in order to start up the local Informix DB on windows?

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Which version of Windows are you using? Which sub-version of IDS are you using (the letter/number combination such as TC3 after 11.50)? Have you configured an instance of IDS yet? Or did you let the installer create a default instance for you? – Jonathan Leffler Dec 11 '11 at 3:41
Windows Vista and the package that I downloaded is iif.11.50.TC9DE.win2003. I am using the default instance that installer created for me. – huahsin68 Dec 11 '11 at 3:56

You will have to check what went wrong in Informix log. It is located in Informix dir and has server name with .log extension (for example c:\informix\ol_test.log). In this file there is information about running server like:

12:42:36  IBM Informix Dynamic Server Started.

Check this file and give us more details if you will not know how to solve reported problems.

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Installation of Informix in Windows Vista has been failed. Due to the reason this Informix thing is not able to uninstall and not even allow me to configure a database. Even though I have manually delete the whole folder from Program Files, when trying to install a new copy of Informix, it prompt me the "Invalid ISV name" thing which I totally running out of clue with.

I found a post mention that Vista is not a good platform for Informix. Forget about Windows as a Server a.k.a. WAAS.


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