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I have an HTML element which is set as position: fixed in the CSS. However, when the user scrolls to the top of the screen, I notice the fixed element overlaps another element.

How do I tell the browser that I want the element to stay below the other element, but otherwise ignore the scrolling like most fixed position elements do?

EDIT: Your answers are all great, but I guess I wasn't specific enough: I want the object to stop moving, rather than go behind the other element. Also, I can't use jquery; I can use Javascript, though.

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If you want to to only start scrolling after you've 'passed it', use jQuery Waypoints. Specifically sticky elements.

If you just want to to hide behind the other element, assign it a z-index lower than the other element. (z-index only obeys elements with position: absolute, relative, or fixed.)

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Z-indexing rules still apply to fixed elements. Give it a lower z-index value to have it render behind the other element(s).

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