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I'm trying to execute this query:

SELECT mac, creation_date 
FROM logs 
WHERE logs_type_id=11
AND mac NOT IN (select consols.mac from consols)

But I get no results. I tested it, and I know that there is something wrong with the syntax. In MySQL such a query works perfectly. I've added a row to be sure that there is one mac which does not exist in the consols table, but still it isn't giving any results.

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Is the consols.mac column NULL or NOT NULL? – Mark Byers Dec 11 '11 at 9:40
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When using NOT IN you should ensure that none of the values are NULL:

SELECT mac, creation_date 
FROM logs 
WHERE logs_type_id=11
AND mac NOT IN (
    SELECT mac
    FROM consols
    WHERE mac IS NOT NULL -- add this
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Note: the WHERE mac IS NOT NULL clause in the subquery is not needed, since In(...) always removes NULLs (and duplicates). Because a set cannot contain NULLs – wildplasser Jan 19 '15 at 23:23

When using NOT IN, you should also consider NOT EXISTS, which handles the null cases silently.

SELECT mac, creation_date 
FROM logs lo
WHERE logs_type_id=11
  FROM consols nx
  WHERE nx.mac = lo.mac
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Also note a huge performance loss when using NOT EXISTS vs ... NOT IN – IcanDivideBy0 Mar 31 at 14:35
@IcanDivideBy0 In most cases they generate the same query plan. Have you tested it? – wildplasser Mar 31 at 17:56

You could also use a LEFT JOIN and IS NULL condition:

    LEFT JOIN consols ON logs.mac = consols.mac
  consols.mac IS NULL;

An index on the "mac" columns might improve performance.

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Because none of the answers give an explanation, here it is: NULLs vs. NOT IN()

I would have liked to give a bottom line, but it's to complicated to summarize (for me). ;-)

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When checking against value NULL in the consols table, the comparison between logs.mac and NULL yields NULL, because NULL is unknown. It might be equal, or it might not. This is why NOT IN (NULL) does not return any results. – Martijn Dec 18 '13 at 13:33

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