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I am using a standard sharepoint:aspmenu navigation control on my master page and with some jQuery I display a div under the menu with height based on the number of sub menu items the main item I hover over has.

If the navigation is:

Products | About us | Contact us

and products have 10 sub items, the additional div I display will be twice as high as it would be if I hover over About us with 5 sub items. The reason why I use a div is because I want to push all content down on the page instead of the normal css menu which displays the menu items above the main content.

The problem I have is that if I move the mouse over a menu item while the page still loads then I can't see the sub menu items at all for any main item even if the page finish loading (in Chrome). If I don't move the mouse while the page loads or anywhere else on the page but the menu then it works just fine like in all the other browsers.


var i = new Array();
$('li.dynamic-children').find('ul').each(function() {
    var $items = $(this).children();
    var itemCount = $items.length;
    if(itemCount > 7)

// Hide/show full width div under menu on hover
$('li.dynamic-children').mouseenter(function() {            
        var itemHeight = 32; // height in pixels per item
        var divHeight;                  

        // Calculate height of div based on number of menu items
        var $menuList = $(this).find('ul');
        var numberOfMenuItems = i[$(this).index()];


        divHeight = itemHeight * numberOfMenuItems;

        $('#DropdownMenuBox').stop(true,true).animate({height: divHeight + "px"}).slideDown(700);
    }).mouseleave(function() {          

If I remove the line

$('#DropdownMenuBox').stop(true,true).animate({height: divHeight + "px"}).slideDown(700);

then I have no issue in Chrome apart from I don't get the effect I want so I wonder why this line cause trouble in Chrome but not in any other browser? The sub menu items have a class with left:-999 and this doesn't get removed in chrome when I hover over a menu item during page load.

I started to create a jsfiddle but the html sharepoint produce is too chunky to be able to get a good fiddle that displays my problem.

Any ideas why Chrome doesn't like the highlighted line above?

edit: have still not figured it out and the temporary solution is to hide the navigation for ~500ms on page load so that it's not possible to hover over any items until the page has finished loading. It's a bit tacky though.

Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible that chrome is running your animation with a divHeight of 0px (since the page isn't loaded, the number of menu items is 0)? Once the animation is run, the height on your menu is 0 and thus is invisible. –  Ben L Dec 11 '11 at 12:39
no it manages to calculate the divHeight (the slideDown/slideUp works fine) but no menu items are visible –  user997685 Dec 11 '11 at 12:45
I can change the line where the error occurs to "$('#DropdownMenuBox').stop(true,true).css({height: divHeight + "px"}).show(); " and it works but then I don't get the effect I want. So there is some issue with animate and then slideDown. –  user997685 Dec 11 '11 at 12:56

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