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I have the core code, which is the same for all projects, except one configuration file. I can't symlink to that dir because, this assumes that the config file will be also symlinked.

Is there a way in Linux/Bash to do that? I thought to write a script which creates a usual directory, then symlinks all the contents (=files and dirs) from the core, and then, I can just create there the config file.

Not sure if that's the best solution however.

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mkdir someothersite && cd someothersite 
find /your/project -type f ! -name 'CONFIGFILE' -exec ln -s \{\} ./ \;

Note this works well if there are no subdirectories in /your/project directory. If there are subdirectories it's much more complicated.

By the way, I'd use a VS for this. E.g. central repo, checkout, setup config...


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+1 for the suggestion to use version control instead. – tripleee Dec 11 '11 at 20:48

@Zsolt, thanks, with the help of your answer I could answer my own question.

find /your/project -maxdepth 1 ! -name "CONFIGFILE" -exec ln -s \{\} ./ \;

-maxdepth 1 makes sure the find command doesn't go recursive. Thus, symlinks can be created for the directories and for the files. In other words, for the directory contents Exactly what I needed. :)

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