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I am developing a windows form application that acts as a subscriber for my wcf service. Whenever the publisher publishes a post, my winform will capture the information and add an notification form to an arraylist.

public ArrayList notificationList = new ArrayList();

And the arguments for my form is as follows

public notificationForm(String name, String location, 
                        String imageExtension,String alertType,String memberid,
                        String date,String time,int x,int y,String alertid)

on the notification form, there would be a button called "Clear"
sample code for adding the form to the list is as follows

notificationList.Add(new notificationForm("", "", "", "", "", "","", 1, 1,alertId));

How do I code the event for the "Clear" button such that it searches the arrayList for a particular (for example) alertID and removes it from the list.

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If your stuck on using an ArrayList, just walk through it using a ForEach loop till you find the alertID and then call ArrayList.Remove. I would consider using a Dictionary instead and having the alertID as the key, then you can easily remove it without walking the dictionary.

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