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I followed this description for debugging native code in an Android app and it works when debugging on the emulator.

When I want to debug on the actual device, at the point where I switch to the C/C++ debug configuration, Eclipse reports "Remote communication error: Bad file descriptor.". Apparently there's a problem reaching GdbServer (I guess). I suppose all that's missing is a small tweak to the debug configuration. Unfortunately, I don't yet really understand how the whole setup works, so I'm unable to pinpoint/solve the problem. Any help would really be appreciated.

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You can get that error if you don't run ndk-gdb to start gdbserver on the device. Here a link to an explaination of how the android remote debugging works: http://mhandroid.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/how-cc-debugging-works-on-android/

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Assuming you're on an ARM Android, you may have better luck with the free ARM-supplied Android debugger: http://ds.arm.com/ds-5-community-edition/

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Wow, didn't know this existed. Will have to give this a shot. –  scorpiodawg Dec 18 '12 at 22:38

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