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I have a DB (in SQL Server 2008 SP3) include many tables and each tables have a lot of columns, in other hand I have an Excel file include description for any of my DB's columns (In SQL Server Management Studio when you want create a table, in design mode, for each column in property window there is a description field), So I am interesting in add this(Excel) description to description of columns in DB (of course not by hand and one by one), does any one have any idea about this?

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Knock up some VBA to iterate through the Excel data, calling the database for each table/column.

The SQL Server stored procedure you want (if I understand correctly) is sp_addextendedproperty to add comments about objects in SQL Server

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You can get help from some references given below: please have a look over there, thanks

a. Reading and Writing Excel

b. Reading Excel and then save to your DB

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