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I've got a paid version with a bundle identifier com.openfrog.appName and I believe it's not possible to use the same bundle identifier for two apps.

For a number of good reasons I don't want to use In-App Purchases so having two separate apps is a good solution for me. One paid. One free.

What must I do in order to let the paid version inherit the settings of the free version? I remember there was a trick or rule you had to follow in order to make sharing of NSUserDefaults beetween two apps possible. What's the trick to let both apps share the same settings?

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You can use addSuiteNamed: method of NSUserDefaults.

- (void)addSuiteNamed:(NSString *)suiteName  

This will work only for reading settings, not for writing.

See ref -

"The suiteName domain is similar to a bundle identifier string, but is not tied to a particular application or bundle. A suite can be used to hold preferences that are shared between multiple applications."

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With this, one app can read the settings of another if the settings have been registered with the same "Suide"? So all I have to do is add the same suite name in both apps? – openfrog Dec 11 '11 at 12:36

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