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I have two NSTableViews populated with Core Data that are linked using bindings. When a row is selected in NSTableView1, NSTableView2 is populated and the first row in it is selected. I have registered the NSArrayController that corresponds to NSTableView2 with KVO on its selectionIndex. This is so that when a row is selected in NSTableView2 a method is run. My problem is that when a row is selected in NSTableView1 then the first row in NSTableView2 is selected triggering the method. I would like it so that I can select a row in NSTableView1 and populate NSTableView2 without having a row automatically selected in NSTableView2. How is this accomplished?

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That you are using Core Data is unimportant here. This is strictly a bindings issue.

Turn off "Avoids empty selection" on your array controller.

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Thank you! This works! – nonamelive Jan 23 '11 at 16:02

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