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I am new to Ruby and Blather. I wanted to make a chat bot, which when pinged by a certain set of users, will carry out some actions like "emailing", "searching Google" etc.

I went forward by creating an array of allowed users:

message :chat?, :body do |m|
  if allowed_users.include(m.from.to_s.split("/")[0])
    say m.from "Welcome User. Enter your choice : 1>Mail 2> Google"
    message :chat?, :body => 2 do |t|
    say m.from "You aren't allowed here !"

As you would have realised this doesn't work. How do I maintain a "session" for a user and do the process accordingly?

For example if I am user abc@ex.com and now I want to Google for "Ruby:"

  • I ping.
  • I get a "Welcome" reply.
  • I enter "2".

But then how do I actually Google for Ruby? The problem is not about making the HttpRequest to Google. How do I personalise my code for a particular user who has pinged ?

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Please make your titles more informative than just "A chat bot in blather", and please indent your code correctly. –  Andrew Grimm Dec 11 '11 at 22:11

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You cannot nest message handlers like that. To refuse XMPP users that are not inside a list, use a before filter. Here's some example code:

before(:message) do |m|
  unless allowed_users.include? m.from.stripped
    say m.from "Not allowed"
    halt # to stop handler propagation

message :chat?, :body => 1 do |m|
  # TODO: mail

message :chat?, :body => 2 do |m|
  # TODO: google something

# catch all
message do |m|
  say m.from "Welcome User. Enter your choice : 1>Mail 2> Google"
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