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My asp.net application will be distributed to different users. It should retrieve the domain and http type of a link automatically.

For example:

  1. http://abc.com/test.aspx
  2. https://abc.com/test2.aspx

I need a method to retrieve either: http://abc.com and https://abc.com from those links automatically.

How can I do that?

thanks in advance.

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You can construct a Uri from your full url and build your new url.

public string GetRootUrl(string url)
   Uri uri = new Uri(str);
   return string.Format("{0}://{1}", uri.Scheme, uri.Authority);

However, you can use uri.Host, but in case of any deployment where you will host your application on a port like http://abc.com:8087 then uri.Host will just return abc.com and uri.Authority will return abc.com:8087. Default port 80 will be ignored by uri.Authority and work like uri.Host.

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thanks. it works fine. –  olidev Dec 11 '11 at 15:05
string getSchemeAndHost(string str)
   var uri = new Uri(str);
   return uri.Scheme + "://" + uri.Host;
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