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Does anyone know how to set the transaction_subject in the return IPN from PayPal.

At the moment it is returning with the same content as my custom field even though the PayPal doc's say the following:

"Pass-through variable for your own tracking purposes, which buyers do not see. Default – No variable is passed back to you. "

I need this to be different from the custom field because the transaction_subject is showing in the email that the buyer gets, which means they are seeing the contents of the custom field.


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You have to post the variable custom="some_value". The variable transaction_subject will be "some_value". – Tiago Ferreira Mar 29 '12 at 13:54
I'm curious if you ever got down to the bottom of this? Passing the custom field back to the buyer in their confim email as the transaction_subject is a horrible security issue - did PayPal take it seriously and fix it? As of 2/2013 I still see custom being injected into transaction_subject via IPN. – ck_ Feb 19 '13 at 3:41

It seems the PayPal developers on X.commerce do not know the purpose of the transaction_subject variable or how to set it. Even PayPal's sample IPN message (table near bottom) provides no notes about the variable. Finally, PayPal's IPN & PDT Variables and Payments Standard HTML Variable Reference do not list it.

In parsing our IPNs, transaction_subject always contains the value of the custom pass-through variable, but I am unaware that either are shown to the buyer.

Setting transaction_subject using NVP within the HTML form has no effect on its value.

Contact merchant technical support because a "pass-through" variable displaying to the buyer is a bug.

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I am seeing the transaction_subject set to the value of either item_name or item_number, can't tell which, as I am setting both those to the same value. I'm not seeing it set to the value of 'custom', which has a different value (in fact the outgoing hosted_button_id). This is in association with Subscribe buttons.

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I am using the /js/paypal-button.min.js? form method. if I set data-custom="{mycustomvar:3}"

the IPN result shows "transaction_subject":"{mycustomvar:3}"

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