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I made an application and took the .apk file from the bin folder ( eclipse project ). I installed it on my mobile which i used as an emulator earlier and it worked just fine. However when i put the file on a friends mobile it said "cant open package" or something similar when i tried to install the application.

What could be wrong since it worked on mine? The API level was 10, so nothing fuzzy about that.

I've read something about keystore but i dont understand the meaning and function of em.

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try changing package name ,may be package by that name exists there but signed with a different key. – Its not blank Dec 11 '11 at 14:21
Did you allow the 3rd party application install on your friends phone? (Settings / Application / Unknown Sources) – kameny Dec 11 '11 at 14:23
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More than likely your friend phone doesn't accept unsigned packages.

You can either:
A. Sign you application
B. Enable untrusted instals on those phones via Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources

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I had same problem.

Test if the size of copied APK file is same as size of file on your PC.

If they are not same, copy the APK file using a RAM reader to your PocketPC memory.

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