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I've built a SOAP webservice in PHP that sends out an e-mail using Swift. Service takes 1 input parameter - string - the e-mail body text. Service returns true if mail was sent successful, false otherwise.

For testing purposes I wrote a 3 line app that executes the webservice method. Works fine, I receive the mail immediately.

If I try the same thing from a Silverlight application, I have to use the ASync method, but I get the true-boolean back from the PHP. However - no e-mail arrives in my inbox.

I'm really, really puzzled.

  • I've got the clientaccesspolicy.xml and the crossdomain.xml in place.
  • I've changed the PHP webservice to return the input parameter and that works fine.

So - you would expect that the PHP code is wrong, but, like I said, If you use the service from the console app, it works fine.

Invocation from Silverlight:

phpMailService.ServiceSendMailAsync("hello from silverlight");

Invocation from ConsoleApplication:

phpMailService.ServiceSendMail("hello from Console");

Could it have something to do with the message or message encoding?

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The message looks fine to me. Is it possible for you to retrieve the body which is returned to silverlight? if your architecture doesn't make that easy, you could use wireshark instead. I'd imagine you'll see a PHP error message in there which might help. – Basic Dec 11 '11 at 15:04
Oh and make sure you turn on error reporting on the server for the duration of your testing. – Basic Dec 11 '11 at 15:07

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