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I am using different domain names for my web application (, and Authentication is with Omniauth 0.2.6

If I want my users to authenticate via Facebook, I need a different Facebook app account for each domain name, so a different app ID and secret key.

When defining the app ID and secret key in the omniauth initializer (provider :facebook, "APP_ID", "APP_SECRET"), how can I:

  • define multiple app ids/keys

  • or define the ids/keys conditionally to the current domain name

I've been trying all day without success...

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The setup for this has changed in the setup phase of Omniauth 1.1.0

You now have to set this up in your omniauth.rb

provider_keys = YAML.load_file(File.join(Rails.root, 'config', 'provider_keys.yml'))

SETUP_PROC = lambda do |env| 
    env['omniauth.strategy'].options[:client_id]      = provider_keys[Rails.env]['facebook'][server_name]['consumer_key'] 
    env['omniauth.strategy'].options[:client_secret]  = provider_keys[Rails.env]['facebook'][server_name]['consumer_secret']

Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do
    provider :facebook, setup: SETUP_PROC

and your provider_keys.yml will look something like this

      consumer_key: 'xxxxxxxx'
      consumer_secret: 'xxxxxxxx'
      consumer_key: 'xxxxxxx'
      consumer_secret: 'xxxxxxx'
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