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I am attempting to use Zend_Cache_Frontend_Function to cache some of my own function calls.

The cache is set up like so:

$manager = new Zend_Cache_Manager();

$frontendOptions = array(
   'lifetime' => intval(CACHELIFETIME),
   'automatic_serialization' => true);

$backendOptions = array('cache_dir' => CACHEDIR);

$funcCache = Zend_Cache::factory('Function',

$manager->setCache('function', $funcCache);

I then use the cache like so:

$country_name = "UK";
$country_id = 1;

$country = new Default_Db_Table_Country();
$country = $cache->call(array($country, "getCountryByName"), array($country_name, $id));

Even after calling this several times, the function getCountryByName() is still being called and the database query within it run.

Am I using this correctly? How can I stop the call to getCountryByName() happening multiple times?



Looking at the source, it seems that call() uses output buffering, if this is the case then my functions output nothing, they only return objects. Thus making Zend_Cache_Frontend_Function useless in this case?

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It would seem that Zend_Cache_Frontend_Class is the way to go and not Function. I need to set the class before each call to ensure the right object is being used;

$country = new Default_Db_Table_Country();
$country = $cache->getCountryByName($country_name, $id);

This Frontend does cache objects, arrays, etc.

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