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I've got the iTunesConnect_DeveloperGuide.pdf, but a search for "Icon-Small" or "iTunesArtwork" returns no match.

There must be a different document which goes into detail what icons are needed, and specifically how the iTunesArtwork has to be created. Which one is it? I remember there was one which talked about iTunesArtwork and explicitely mentioning not to add an extension as well as not to add alpha, but that's almost 2 years ago.

Edit: Found it in the iTunesConnect_DeveloperGuide.pdf on page 11. It's in a blurry image, so search didn't work because of that. Anyways, I also remember there was a more detailed discussion about this somewhere else.

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Look at Custom Icon and Image Creation Guidelines and the "App Icons on iPad and iPhone" Q&A too.

There is also this Programming Guide that talks about the subject.

Note: Got all this using a simple Google Search anyway

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The "Custom Icon and Image Creation Guidelines" section of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines has detailed information about the various icons you need to create for your app: http://developer.apple.com/library/IOs/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/MobileHIG/IconsImages/IconsImages.html

Also, you don't need to include iTunesArtwork in your app bundle. See my answer to this question: iPhone/iPad and iTunesArtwork

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Here you can find the guide lines for preparing an app to be submit to app store

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