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I've finished my algorithm to apply the ANN on the C++ language, but I stack with the value of lambda, eta, and alpha, to show the best resul. I don't know if there is a rule or range that will give a good result of training.
The dataset is 4000
The hidden neurons are 15
Can anyone help me please to give the reasons of chosing the best value of Lambda, Eta, and Alpha?

Thank you very much

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What do lambda, alpha and eta mean? Which ANN model have you implemented exactly? –  kol Dec 11 '11 at 15:55
Those are fairly standard names for learning mechanism parameters for enhanced backpropagation training. –  Predictor Dec 19 '11 at 17:06

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Obviously, the exact optimal values are completely problem-dependent, but I suggest using commonly-applied values (Murray Smith makes some suggestions in "Neural Networks for Statistical Modeling") and not tinkering with them.

Even today, the complaint is sometimes made that neural networks are difficult to work with because of all of the experimentation needed to optimize parameters like eta, etc. In most situations, though, the idea is to discover a good approximation, not the optimal one. Assuming that one hasn't chosen insane parameter values, then the only experimentation needed is adjustment of the size of the hidden layer.

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