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I know I can use this command to find directories created or modified less than a week ago:

find /home -type d -mtime -7

But how do I find directory that were created less than a week ago?

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Creation time is not stored.

There is only 3 timestamps you can check

Last access time
Last modification time
Last change time

"Change" is one of: permission changes, rename etc. While the modification is contents only.

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Short answer: you can't.

There are three times stored in an inode

  • ctime: time of creation or change of the inode
  • mtime: time of last change of the file that the inode refers to
  • atime: time of last access to the file

The point is: ctime is altered not only by create, but also by chmod / chown, maybe even by ln (not sure). Man stat and man touch are your friends.

If you try to find fresh directories by means of find /home -type d -mtime -7 be prepared to also find older directories that had their mode or owner changed.

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