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When an user searchs a page I add ?q=[searchterm] to my URL and output something like this:

Your search result for <CFOUTPUT>#htmleditformat(URL.q)#</CFOUTPUT>:

A while ago I read that htmleditformat() is not enough and XSS can still be executed (... for example if somebody sends a link to a victim like[evilXSS]).

I also save URL.q to a database (I'm using ORM in this case):

<CFSET myobject.setKeyword(URL.q) />

but for now I'm intereseted how to securely output the userdata to the browser.

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You can also use xmlFormat(), described here. It escapes more characters than htmlEditFormat() such as Single-quotation marks and high ASCII characters in the range 159-255.

If you want more control you can use Javas StringEscapeUtils directly.

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Thanks! I just found a post of Ben Nadel where the use of xmlformat() over htmleditformat() is suggest in the comments, too. Seems to be best practise. For others searching for it:… – Seybsen Dec 11 '11 at 18:17

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