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I want to reuse a hash in YAML:

Defaults: &defaults
  Company: Foo
  Item: 123

Computer: *defaults
  Price: 3000

However, this generates an error.

Is the only way to anchor each field value separately like this?

  Company: &company Foo
  Item: &item 123

  Company: *company
  Item: *item
  Price: 3000
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As a user with well over 4k rep, you should know that you should really include all relevant information in the question itself. –  Matt Ball Dec 11 '11 at 18:07

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# sequencer protocols for Laser eye surgery
- step:  &id001                  # defines anchor label &id001
    instrument:      Lasik 2000
    pulseEnergy:     5.4
    pulseDuration:   12
    repetition:      1000
    spotSize:        1mm

- step: &id002
    instrument:      Lasik 2000
    pulseEnergy:     5.0
    pulseDuration:   10
    repetition:      500
    spotSize:        2mm

- step: *id001                   # refers to the first step (with anchor &id001)
- step: *id002                   # refers to the second step
- step: *id001
- step: *id002

sample from wikipedia

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Try reusing a full group by importing it:

Defaults: &defaults
  Company: foo
  Item: 123

  <<: *defaults
  Price: 3000
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This really should be the accepted answer –  Suan Apr 4 '12 at 21:57
I always forget this syntax, it's kind of complicated. –  Learn Rails Fast and Free Mar 3 '14 at 23:56
Id vote this up a million if i could, thanks –  David Morrow Mar 25 '14 at 17:36

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