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I'm trying to update every record for which I have the id in my arraylist but I'm getting this error:

IllegalStateException occured : org.hibernate.hql.QueryExecutionRequestException: Not supported for DML operations [update models.UserOnline uo SET currentRoom_id = :roomid where uo.id IN (:list)]

This is what I'm trying:

    Query update_query = JPA.em().createQuery("update UserOnline uo SET currentRoom_id = :roomid where uo.id IN (:list)");
    update_query.setParameter("roomid", null);
    update_query.setParameter("list", idlist);

    List<UserOnline> actual = update_query.getResultList();

Any ideas what's wrong?

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I would try with update_query.executeUpdate();

From the docs.

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Like Gonzalo already said, you'd have to use executeUpdate().

This is because you're actually MODIFYing data .

You only use getResultList() or getSingleResult() if you want to GET data out of the database.

a little helper: use executeUpdate() if your query has the form


use getResultList() or getSingleResult() if the query looks like

SELECT ... FROM xxx WHERE ... 
or just
FROM xxx WHERE ... 
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Well, if we use Spring Repositories (CrudRepository or any of its type), and if we have a method declaration with an update Query That is,

@Query("update employee e set e.name= :name where e.id = :id") int updateEmployee(@Param("name") String name, @Param("id") Long id);

Then we will get the related Spring Exception org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: org.hibernate.hql.internal.QueryExecutionRequestException: Not supported for DML operations

Just add @Modifying annotation on the method and it will be fine.

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