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I've just started to learn C (using Thinking In C) and I'm wondering about what files I should be ignoring in a C project's git repository.

No suggestion can be too obvious -- I'm a total noob. Thanks!

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I guess there will be a few generated files that you don't wan't to be sticking in your repo (assuming your build output dir is in your git heirachy):

  • object files (.o, o.obj)
  • libraries (.lib)
  • DLLs, shared objects (.so, .dll)
  • Executables (.exe, a.out ?)

GIT ignore files are something I tend to do iteratively. "Hey, I don't need those things in my repo" ...

Edit: re dmckee's comment

Yep, you definately want to be ignoring swap files, temp files etc. I have the following as a baseline for my .gitignore:

  • *.swp
  • .~
  • thumbs.db
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If you editor makes automatic backups (ala emacs' *~ files), you can probably do without those too. – dmckee May 11 '09 at 3:42
Usually you put ignoring of generated files in version controlled and transferred .gitignore file (so everybody will have generated files ignored), but ignoring backup files and other types of files depending on your environment (backup files can be *~ or *.bak) in not transferred repository .git/info/exclude (or in core.excludesfile set in ~/.gitconfig). – Jakub Narębski May 11 '09 at 9:52

You can also setup your build to happen in a subdirectory say build and then you can ignore the whole thing inside .gitignore


And you're done.

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I use this in my .gitignore But I am building for micro-controllers, so I don't know if it helps you much.

The easiest way to know, is just do a make clean, then add all your files, then do a make all and see what extra stuff appears.

#Some of these are related to eclipse. So i keep them out of my repo

#files being edited

# make and build files

# I keep these, since I prefer having the reference of the final build
# *.elf
# *.hex
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