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I've tried to work with isset() to add required fields to my form as you can see below, but is this sufficient?
It only works for one field: ik_wens, because it's a checkbox. The form ignores the uncompleted textfields and just sends the e-mail.
What am I doing wrong?

    if (    !isset($_POST['naam']) ||
            !isset($_POST['adres']) ||
            !isset($_POST['tel']) ||
            !isset($_POST['datum_gourmet_fondue']) || 
        ) {  
         echo 'U heeft niet alle velden ingevuld!';  

     $to = 'info@yourmail.nl'; 
     $onderwerp = " Gourmet/ fonduelijst "; ;

     $naam = htmlspecialchars($_POST['naam']); 
     $adres = htmlspecialchars($_POST['adres']);
     $tel = htmlspecialchars($_POST['tel']);  
     $datum_gourmet_fondue = htmlspecialchars($_POST['datum_gourmet_fondue']);  
     $aantal_personen = htmlspecialchars($_POST['aantal_personen']);  
     $wish = $_POST["ik_wens"];
     $graag = htmlspecialchars($_POST['graag']); 

     $details = "
       Onderwerp: $onderwerp\n\n\n
       Naam: $naam\n\n
       Adres: $adres\n\n
       Tel.: $tel \n\n
       Datum gourmet/ fondue: $datum_gourmet_fondue \n\n
       Aantal personen: $aantal_personen \n\n
       Ik wens:  $wish \n\n
       Graag: $graag 

     // Send the message
     $ok = mail($to, $onderwerp, $details);
     if ($ok) {
         echo "<p>E-mail is verzonden</p>";
     } else {
         echo "<p>E-Mail is niet verzonden, probeer opnieuw!</p>";
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Be aware that not all browsers allow multi-line string constants. –  Pointy Dec 11 '11 at 18:53

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You're using isset, which returns true for all elements that were present in the form. You want empty instead.


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Thanks! fixed that! –  kim Dec 11 '11 at 18:58

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