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I'm wondering if there's Google Apps API support for building a bot that lives in a Spreadsheet and interacts with users via the in-document chat features. I can't find a Google Apps API that defines calls to view and send messages for in-document chat, but I figured I'd ask in here case I'm missing anything!

If this doesn't exist, any suggestions about how I might build out this type of functionality?

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I am fairly certain there is no official API for the in-document chat. I do know that the regular Google chat uses XMPP; the in-document chat probably just uses a more limited version.

In theory, I suppose Google should not be able to differentiate between a program and a user. You might be able to reverse-engineer the chat protocol by digging through the source or inspecting the network. You could also run a browser on your machine and simulate mouse and keyboard input, like a regular input.

Alternatively, you could interact with the user using the spreadsheet itself, via the Google Spreadsheet API.

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