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I have the following Google Map located at :


I am using a WP Plugin that uses shortcode to initiate the map with [map kml=http://www.ticketrich.com/map5.kml]

This is the contents of the kml file :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="http://www.google.com/earth/kml/2">
A folder is a container that can hold multiple other objects

<name>Alton Towers</name>
<description>Alton Towers Information</description>
<name>Chessington World of Adventures</name>
<description>Chessington World of Adventures Information</description>
<name>Banqueting House</name>
<description>Banqueting House</description>

The problem is that it is only showing one of the placemarks. Whatever I've tried, I cannot get them all working. Can anyone see what the problem is?

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I see a bunch of placemarks on the map at http://www.ticketrich.com/uk-days-out-guide/ although it seems to be using a different KML than the one you mention.

As for http://www.ticketrich.com/map5.kml (which currently has the same code as posted in your question), it seems to be fine when viewed with google maps: http://maps.google.com?q=http://www.ticketrich.com/map5.kml so I assume it would also work with your wordpress site. If it still is not working can you create a page that links to this kml so we can take a look?

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