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Can anyone clarify the situation here?

I've used the bulkloader with python25 and old/master slave databases.

I've also used it (for uploading data only) with python25 and the high replication datastore, despite what it says here:


This document applies to apps that use the master/slave datastore. If your app uses the High Replication datastore, it is possible to copy data from the app, but Google does not currently support this use case.

However I'm now trying the bulkloader with the high replication datastore and python27 and it appears to be irretrievably broken. It actually seems to bypass the authentication step, even though I am passing my email correctly to appcfg.py

Has anyone else tried this? Can anyone confirm which components bulkloader will/won't work with?

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Please show us the stacktrace, code, error messages, or other relevant details. We can't possibly help without seeing specifically what you're doing. –  Nick Johnson Dec 12 '11 at 1:37
OK I figured it out. I had a remote_api handler specified in the python25 app.yaml but not the python27 version. You need to run the python27 version with 'threadsafe: False' else appengine will complain about the CGI- style handler. Thanks and sorry for the trouble. –  Justin Dec 13 '11 at 9:40
You can use the 'remote_api' built-in handler in order to enable remote_api. The built-in handler takes care of the handler style. Also, please update the question and close it. –  Takashi Matsuo Jul 31 '12 at 5:43
@Justin, seconding Takashi's comment 2.5 years ago, could you please update and close this Q...? –  Alex Martelli Mar 12 at 4:01

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