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There are lots of guides on how to get the selected text in UIWebView but I can't seem to find any on how to detect the change in selection. I understand that I could simply detect taps elsewhere and always get the latest selection, but I'd like to create a standalone view that wraps all this functionality.

I currently have a view that holds the UIWebView instance and handles the parsing and passing the content to the web view. As far as I know, detecting taps would require a custom window implementation (instructed here). I'd like to follow separation of concerns and avoid any custom window implementations if possible.

Any ideas how could I achieve this within a view? I already tried javascript but I guess I was not that competent with it.

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You can use document.addEventListener("selectionchange") which fires whenever the selection changes, and forward those changes to Obj-C through a bridge.


  1. WebViewJavascriptBridge
  2. JavaScriptCore

Example Code:

document.addEventListener("selectionchange", function(){
    bridge.send("selectionchange"); // WebViewJavaScriptBridge
    bridge.selectionChanged();  // JavaScriptCore
}, false);
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Mind sharing an example? – Rob Caraway Apr 16 '14 at 21:18
@RobCaraway I've been messing around with UIWebView, there's actually a few ways. Check out my updated answer. – mattsven Apr 22 '14 at 21:04

If I'm not totally mistaken, there's no way to detect if the selection range changes when using UIWebView and javascript combination. My solution was to poll the selection range instead of notifying of its changes. Currently I have no need for real-time updates, so it will be sufficient only to know if there's a selection or not. The text selection is retrieved on demand and for the selection change, I use the UITapGestureRecognizer.

For the clearing of the selection I had to use a small delay. The selection is not cleared instantly after the tap.

- (void)tap:(id)sender
    [self updateSelection];
    // A simple hack to detect when selection is cleared.
    [self performSelector:@selector(updateSelection) withObject:self afterDelay:0.5];
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