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I've gone through quite a few Core Data tutorials. Most of them show how to add a new object to an entity and how to display the updated array of fetched objects.

My goal, however, is much simpler: I'd like one Table View Controller to change and save an attribute (in tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:) of an entity and another Table View Controller to display the new list of attributes of that entity (in tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:). Like in the iPhone Sounds settings: Sounds and Ringtones

I still haven't figured out how the Managed Object should interact with those two Table View Controllers. Do you know of a helpful tutorial/sample code explaining that very simple process? Thanks very much in advance! Saeppi

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Check out this tutorial.core data.

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Thanks very much! Running the App on the iPhone works fine, but only if it stays connected to the Mac/linked to Xcode. If I try to run it after I disconnected it, Core Data does not work anymore. Any ideas? –  saeppi Dec 18 '11 at 20:54
Not sure. If you were referring the tutorial on that site. I would post a question on that site. –  user523234 Dec 19 '11 at 0:56

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