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My site has multiple public pages showing some lists like news,products etc... everyone can see. So I have a NewsController and ProductController. The Create/Edit action can only be/must only be executed by the admin. When I separate the admin stuff (Create/Edit) from the public stuff(List) I would create 2 areas public/admin each having its own controller. That means I would have TWO ProductController one with List action and one with Create/Edit action and TWO NewsController same game...

Would that make sense? I looks like DRY - don`t repeat yourself!

How would you handle that scenario concerning the new asp.net AREA feature?

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I'm not sure how you are repeating yourself? I always create an admin area for crud operations. You should be moving all of your logic outside of your controllers into a separate class, and depending on how big this site, maybe a separate project altogether. Take a look how the Raccoon Blog structures their project. I have learnt a great deal from studying their code. If you are having questions on how to structure your code, I suggest looking over there to - https://github.com/ayende/RaccoonBlog/tree/master/RaccoonBlog.Web. I believe they have an excellent example of how to implement admin areas correctly.

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AuthorizeAttribute is how I'd handle it, I wouldn't use Areas to partition permissions.

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