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This is a best practices question more than anything else:

When one creates a custom background image for a button, is it more common to include the button's text as part of that image, or is the text of the button usually assigned to the button itself in the XML properties of the button (with padding as necessary) ?

My main concern is that text derived from an image may not scale very well, so I'm wondering which is the better practice.

As a follow up, are there any good tutorials out there for designing android buttons, with an emphasis on creating images for different states (I'm focused primarily on pressed vs not pressed) ?

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for the followup custom buttons, check out this video link – Bill Gary Dec 12 '11 at 1:37
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The best practice is to keep your text as much as possible in a text form :

  • Easier to translate (otherwise multiple export of your image are required which could lead to heavy apk)
  • Image are asier to strech which can be a real problematic with the great number of screen you have to handle in an app (see NinePatch about that, and you'll that it's not suitable for images including text).

TMHO the only benefit of embedding text in images would be to use custom font, this feature can be achieve by setting the typeface of your TextView.

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I would say keep the text separate from the image. Makes the app more suitable for a multilingual audience. As for scaling, I would position the image to the left (say) of the text and then let android decide how to scale the button based on the length/font size of the text. Obviously, keep the length of the text (in any language) fairly short

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IMHO it is better to use text in XML, instead of using text in the image. But I guess it depends on your requirements. If you use text, you can easily modify it or use multiple languages, without the need of having single picture for each language.

Concerning some button tutorials, check this one from docs, it describes it quite well.

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