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When I debug on Kindle Fire, my app has no read/write access to /sdcard and other Android apps (ASTRO) too. On other Android devices I do not see this problem. It seems to work fine when usb is disconnected, but how can I debug it?

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Not sure about Kindle, but other Android devices have different USB modes, e.g. "Charge only", "PC Mode", "Media Mode" etc. Some of these modes make the SD card appear as a USB disk to the PC and disappear from the device, other modes do not. There's usually a notification that allows you to choose the mode.

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This is not a novice question. Looks that Kindle is a different beast. I could not find any ways to control its usb mode. It allows debugging by default and the desktop/laptop recognizes it as soon as you modify your computer's settings to enable debugging. – Alex B Dec 11 '11 at 23:35

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