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I'm looking for a random function in batch that I can tack onto the beginning of a filename. I'm creating several thousand symbolic links and I intend to randomize the sorted results by appending a random number to the beginning of the filename.

I have used this function in my nested for loops (iterating through all files in all subdirs):

mklink "%LINKDIR%\%random%%%f" "%%f"

It returns almost what I want. Unfortunately each symbolic link has the same starting random number. Is there anyway to reseed the %random% value?

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Use delayed expansion. I.e. put

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

at the start of your batch file and then use !random! instead of %random%. See help set for a detailed explanation of the topic.

The point here is that %random% gets expanded when the for loop is parsed; thus for subsequent iterations (i.e. when the loop is actually run) there is no variable there anymore, just the value. This is fixed by delayed expansion.

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