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Can anyone please help? I am stuck and not sure if what I am trying to do is even possible.

I tried using conditional formatting to double format a set of cells depending on the user's entry. It worked for a minute but not throughout the selection. I want the user to be able to either enter the time (13:30 Format) or the date (ex. format 11/7/11). Once the entries have been formatted, I want to be able to calculate:

=IF(OR(D13='Rate Card'!$A$134:$A$154,D13='Rate Card'!$A$158:$A$169),DAY(F13)-DAY(E13)+1,(IF(AND(OR(D13='Rate Card'!$A$155,D13='Rate Card'!$A$157),E13>0,F13>0,F13<E13),1+F13-E13,F13-E13)*24))

=IF(OR(D13='Rate Card'!$A$134:$A$154,D13='Rate Card'!$A$158:$A$169),DAY(F13)-DAY(E13)+1  


IF(AND(OR(D13='Rate Card'!$A$155,D13='Rate Card'!$A$157),E13>0,F13>0,F13<E13),1+F13-E13,F13-E13)*24))


But, I am getting a #VALUE! Error. I believe this is because, I am trying to use two different formats (time & day). Can anyone supply me with any suggestions?

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Date values and Time values are actually just stored as numbers and formatted as dates/times. For example, 13:30 is actually 0.5625 and 11/7/11 is 40854. To use a single formula to perform two different calculations depending on whether or not the value is just a time or is a date, try something like this: =IF(A1<1, "this is a time","this is a date"), substituting your formulas for the text.

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